Memory module particle performance ladder diagram

Memory module particle performance ladder diagram


The memory module serves as a bridge in a computer host, specifically manifested in the transmission of data from the CPU processor to the memory module, which then returns its work to the CPU processor. Different brands of memory modules have different operating frequencies, which also involves some reading and writing speeds. The Memory Module Ladder List in May 2023.


1. Adopting Samsung's special B-die particles, it has strong memory overclocking ability.

2. The meticulously crafted transparent diamond light guide design is equipped with a high-quality electroplated mirror metal vest.

3. There are currently two noble color options available: gold and silver.

4. This memory module will provide a fast experience for esports and computer DIY players.

2、 Weigang Longyao D80 4133 c18

1. We also use Samsung's specially selected B-die particles, and can choose this memory module when the budget is not enough.

2. Its cost-effectiveness is also very high, with a C18 low latency timing and smoother operation.

3. Provided with 4133MHZ, supporting a new generation of Intel and AMD platforms, with built-in XMP 2.0 functionality.

DDR5 platform:

Acer Predator Vesta II

1. Adopting Hynix particles, surpassing Samsung B-die particles on the DDR5 platform.

2. In the current market, Acer has achieved a timing of 30-38-38-76, which is very robust.

3. By opening XMP, you can experience 6000MHz of low latency memory.


1. Adopting IC particles and supporting XMP3.0 one click overclocking, the new ddr5 platform achieves a frequency of 7200MHz.

2. At present, the 6400MHZ timing on the market is: 40-40-84; 6200MHZ timing: 38-38-38-78.

3. The extremely cool 120 ° wide angle luminous light effect brings a dazzling visual experience to everyone's eyes.

Memory module particle performance ladder diagram

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